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Screening for Film 196C, Senior Documentary Project

A introspective look at the value of human life over space exploration.

Dan and Cherry have been friends for more than 20 years -- even before Dan gave birth to her daughter, Flynn. While Dan is getting a haircut at Cherry’s hair studio, Cherry invites Dan to climb the Quixin mountain as a challenge.

"a statistic" tells the tale of a young man's rise to fame as a rapper and his drug fueled downfall as a vessel to comment on addiction, recovery, and forging a new life.

A Nicaraguan immigrant with a troubled marital past, Maya’s desire for healing parallels the plight of so many others affected by intersectional issues of spousal abuse and xenophobia.

Once one of the oldest auto manufacturers in the world and known for pioneering some of the most innovative technologies still in use today, Oldsmobile was among the best selling car brands in the U.S. until problems at General Motors led to its fall.

A hardworking father rediscovers his forgotten passion for cycling through the hardships of his professional life.

A window into the mystical and elusive world of Sunroom Records & Salon.

Dad loves so many of his belongings and things can get buried over twenty years in the same home. “Maintenance” is a short documentary film project considering inheritance, generational patterns of behavior, accumulation, father-daughter relationships, and love.

In Santa Cruz, California, a sleeping ban has been proposed that would not allow individuals to sleep in public, which would have a catastrophic impact on the homeless population in the city; Franklin Williams, who has spent many of the past years helping the homeless, attempts to get inside information on the federal court case regarding the ban by meeting with the person who originally filed the lawsuit, Keith McHenry.