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Screening for Film 196A, Senior Project in Narrative Production

A young man traverses the wilderness convinced he is the last human left on Earth after ominous monsters in the dark seemingly eradicate the rest of humanity.

A woman attempts to reply to an unsent letter written by her late grandmother.

Two players relive World War II using their imagination and lessons from history by playing a game of Axis and Allies.

A young man wastes away in a small underground shelter he grew up in, his body slowly turning into trash as he refuses to accept that his life has been a lie.

Two friends, on their final weekend searching for aliens, find the issues between them might be a not-so-little roadblock in their quest for extraterrestrials.

An avoidant boy is assisted by an otherworldly being in his struggle to grieve.

A Film about the censorship in the production code administration and how it affected gender, sexuality, and artistic expression.

A over-protect young man get fired today...On the first time, he went to a bar and meeting this mystery girl...

A look into the room where Mando and his team use a computer to think about his family.

A college student accidently teleports to an alternate universe, where he must makes his way back home to feed his gecko.

During a night of sleeplessness, a woman calls someone who doesn't answer and talks to the silence, pretending that she's living an entire year of her life in one night.

A group of friends play their last game of Magic: The Gathering together before graduating college and going their separate ways.

After Alex, a hopelessly lost yet ostentatious youth, meets a musician by happenstance, they begin to learn guitar in the hopes of gaining acceptance.