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Screening for Film & Digital Media 196C: Senior Documentary Workshop

graphic of students in Zoom meeting overlaid on a BLM demonstration   Graphic: Veronica Luke

In order to recognize this bizarre chapter in our lives, we must visit the places where foot traffic has been severely reduced.

Reexamining memories, things, individuals during a time of constant change and rapid movement.

A diary during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A brief exploration of the black psyche and lynching in America.

A look at the global COVID-19 pandemic through the eyes of friends, family, and a student's own personal experience

A film that deals with the reality of being a first generation student, realizing what it means to come from my hometown of Bakersfield California, which is marked as "The worst place to grow up".

A contrasting and retrospective glance at a young man’s parents as well as the households he was raised in.

A retrospective look on a year abroad with other international perspectives, all taking place in Berlin.

We are all looking for ways to cope with the realities of our lives, in some way or another. Perspective and point of view can open up our minds to a mindset that will help us get through it.

A mother and daughter discuss their relationship through the context of health and surgery.

A short documentary showing four young adults on the autistic spectrum explaining how we positively felt included by non-autistic people in various activities associated with the dramatic arts.

"Embodied Labor" complicates our preconceived notions of labor and toil by examining the physical impacts on the body left by skateboarding and pole dancing. Empowering scars and bruising resulting from hard work.

Connecting with my parents through memories of my grandparents. Understanding the self in relation to distance and separation.

A collection of anecdotes from patients, doctors, and nurses discussing the faults of American healthcare.

A correspondence between the filmmaker and her partner during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A first-generation immigrant family's history and relationship with salsa music and dance.

A turkey hunt

A full blown pandemic plaguing the world leads to humans isolating, adapting, and finding comfort in the "little things." For me, that's my dog, Saint, and the happiness he brings me.