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Screening for Film & Digital Media 196A, Senior Project in Film & Video

A tale of youth despondency. When teenager Debsey commits a heinous act of violence, she and her burnout friends react with total indifference, opting to party and harass a local dweeb rather than turn to the law.

A struggling young adult tumbles down a path of despair while an accompanying invisible spirit represents the heartening but diminishing persona he used to possess.

An experimental autobiographical piece that tells the story of two perspectives-- mine, and the buildings I love so dearly. Do we see each other the same way?

After receiving a gaming console as her birthday gift, Abby becomes gradually obsessed with playing video games.....

A depressed college student in isolation decides to reach out to a friend she has not spoken to in a while who she suspects is also struggling.

A poetic reflection of memories and their symbolism in our lives.

Conscious explores the personification of a young woman's inner thoughts as she struggles with her depression, anxiety, obsession, apathy, and loss of joy.

woman tries to reunite with her father over a phone call

Sun, Birth and Blood unfolds an introspective journey of confronting childhood trauma, recognizing our place in nature and experiencing spiritual rebirth.

traditional mexico and modern america intersect in a person with a need to heal

A voice of toxic negotiation exposes questions of identity with musings on borrowed personality.

The work of making a piece of art and how the artist puts a piece of theirselves into every piece

An experimental documentary exploring motherhood, womanhood, and mother-daughter relationships.

A creature is birthed from the neglected garbage of a single man. it rises from the refuse to seek revenge for its creation.

A lonely freelancer copes with loss by making an unexpected friend; a chat window.

A quiet house with a reserved young man is suddenly disturbed by the unusual echoes of a smiling neighbor asking for help.

Finn Bergeron nears his last week of undergrad, filled with frustration about moving on. It's not until meeting a mysterious clone of himself that he begins to view his life in a different way.

A scared young man is running from a mistake which could prove fatal for him when he can't see his way out.

Earl's electronic devices compete with each other based on Earl's affection towards them. When a book takes up much of Earl's life, the screens work together to get rid of their enemy. When things take an unexpected turn, the screens plan to take down one of their own.