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FACILITIES - Computer Lab

IMPORTANT - Please be aware that a number of one time sessions are scheduled in the lab throughout the quarter.  To check on the schedule for a specific day, view the SlugFilm Room Reservations.

Hardware: 1 instructor station, 12 student stations

The Computer stations consist of:

  • Instructor station: Intel Cylinder Mac Pro with 6-core 3.5 GHz processors, 32 GB RAM 24" primary LED display, and secondary high definition projection system.

  • 12 student stations: iMacs with 27" 5K LED displays with 4.0 GHz Quad-Core i7 processors, 32 Gb RAM , 27" built in primary LED display. Two stations have CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Burners.
  • Students are required to provide and use their own headphones.

Software Details:

  • All stations are running Mac OS X Big Sur (11.4) and include: Final Cut X, Motion X, Compressor X, Adobe Creative Cloud, Logic Pro X, iLife apps (Photos, iMovie, Garage Band). This is a partial software list and is subject to change.