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PhD Forms

Forms for PhD Students in Film and Digital Media

Advisor/Advisee Check-in Form

Feel free to use this form with your adviser to keep track of your courses and requirements during the year. It does not need to be handed back to the Graduate Programs Coordinator, since the information in it will be reviewed with you in your end-of-year review.


Graduate Division Forms


Enrollment & Status Forms

Petition for Independent Study in FDM (FILM 297, 299A, 299B): 

Application for In-Absentia Status:

Application for Part-Time Status:

Request of Leave of Absence:


Second-Year Review

Second-Year Review Instructions:

Second-Year Review/Masters Exam Form:

Second-Year Review Form For Committee:


Qualifying & Advancement Forms

Dissertation Prospectus Approval Form:

Committee Nomination for Ph.D. Qualifying Examination:

Nominations for Dissertation Reading Committee:

Report on Language Requirement:

Report on Qualifying Examination:


Degree Application & Commencement Forms

Application for the Graduate Certificate:

Application for the Ph.D. degree:

Application for Filing Fee Status:


Thesis & Dissertation Submission

Dissertation & Thesis Checklist:

Dissertation and Thesis Guidelines:

Online submission- ProQuest: