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Courtney Coulson

Image of Courtney Coulson
M.F.A. Student – Class of 2021
Human rights, documentary ethics, conscious decision-making
Courtney is a first year student in Social Doc. She migrated to documentary film, after taking an Introduction to Documentary class with Film theorist, Bill Nichols. Courtney went on to study Documentary at The New School, where she attempted to merge her voice as an artist with her new role as a documentarian. She has worked as a producer, editor, camera person, and instructor. Her favorite role has always been working with teens in trauma. In (2015) Courtney shot and directed the feature-length documentary Welcome to the Circus, a film about the lack of travel rights for Palestinians, told through the story of a circus school in the West Bank. Currently, Courtney is directing Nothing to Get, a documentary about how Buddhism is being translated in America, told through the stories of teachers and beginners on the eight-fold path. Her interest is in documentary ethics, studying how do we wake-up from our everyday sleepwalk and begin to make more conscious decisions.