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Spring 2023 Production Applications

Theater seats and projector

Applications for Spring 2023 production courses will be available beginning Wednesday, February 22 and are due on Tuesday, March 7 at 4pm.  

You may apply for the following courses: 

  • FILM 170B-01 "Fundamentals of Film and Video Production"
  • FILM 170B-02 "Fundamentals of Film and Video Production"
  • FILM 171C "Found Footage"
  • FILM 196A "Senior Project in Narrative Production"
  • FILM 196C "Senior Documentary Workshop"


  • To increase your chances of being accepted into one, we recommend you apply for more than one production course and mark each of them with your appropriate preference.  We do our best to honor your first preference, if possible, but we receive many applications for these courses. 
  • Students may be accepted into one production course per quarter, not two or more.  This allows as many students as possible to be accepted into at least one each quarter.  Also, please note that these courses are somewhat competitive so there is no guarantee of acceptance. 
  • Don't apply for courses that directly conflict with any courses you need to take next quarter. 

Please visit the application link below for more details.