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2020 Deans' and Chancellor's Undergraduate Awards

The Film and Digital Media Department is proud to announce the recipients of the 2020 Deans' and Chancellor's Awards.  

These awards recognize exceptional achievements in research projects or other creative activities, in order to both encourage outstanding scholarship and promote research as an important part of undergraduate information.  The following students, whose creative and scholarly excellence is being recognized with the 2020 Deans’ and Chancellor’s Undergraduate Awards, will receive a cash award and certificate during Student Achievement Week.  

Eli Crespin, Katelin Ong, Laura Gonzalez and Yvonne Gonzalez "A Portrait of G.H. Wells" (Short Film)
Faculty Sponsor: Susana Ruiz

Samantha Conde "Exploring Personal Boundaries with Adults with Development Disabilities through Serious Games and Brainwaves" (Independent Study)
Faculty Sponsor: Sri Kurniawan & Aviv Elor

Keanu Ramos "Inspiration Point/Filling the Imaginary Void: Adressing "Documentary Distance" in the Representation of Historical Violence" (Senior Thesis and Short Film)
Faculty Sponsor: Irene Lusztig

Snow Martin "Psychopathic Dismemberment and Psychic Slaughter: Spectatorship, Affect, and Gender in the Slasher Cycle"  (Senior Thesis)
Faculty Sponsor: Shelley Stamp

We are very proud of these students and extremely pleased that their outstanding scholarly and creative work has been publicly honored this year.