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FDM 2013 Deans and Chancellor's Undergraduate Awards

These awards recognize exceptional achievements in research projects or other creative activities, in order to both encourage outstanding scholarship and promote research as an important part of undergraduate information.  The following students, whose creative and scholarly excellence is being recognized with the 2012-13 Deans’ and Chancellor’s Undergraduate Awards, will receive a cash award and certificate at the closing of Student Achievement Week on Friday, June 7, 2013. 

Deans’ Award – Division of the Arts
David Yager, Dean of the Arts

Adam Foster
Morally Straight A documentary film that explores the subject of Eagle Scouts who are gay and the complicated terrain they face when confronted with the Boy Scouts anti-gay policy.  Faculty Sponsor: Irene Lusztig

Ashley Young
Big, Black, and Bold: A Historical Textual Analysis of Black Women on Television Sitcoms A thesis that documents shifts in the representation of black women on TV sitcoms over the past 40 years, showing the have become more professionalized, lighter-skinned, thinner, less tied to religion, and less identified with Blackness, even while perpetuating stereotypes like the Mammy and the Jezebel.  Faculty sponsor: Shelley Stamp

Chancellor’s Award
George Blumenthal, Chancellor

Ashley Young is further honored as a recipient (one of three from the Division of Arts) of a 2012-13 Chancellor’s Award. 

We are very proud of these students and extremely pleased that their outstanding scholarly and creative work has been publicly honored this year.