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Christina Corfield

Lecturer, Film and Digital Media
Christina Corfield is a British-born multi-disciplinary artist and media scholar with a PhD in media studies from UC Santa Cruz. She was the Managing Editor for the online journal Feminist Media Histories from 2015-2018, and has been a practicing video artist for the past fifteen years, exhibiting her work throughout Europe and the US, most recently at Spaces Gallery in Cleveland, OH, and the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Her scholarly and artistic work focuses on media history and historiography, focusing on the representation of new media and technology in popular culture.
Teaching Interests: 

Teaching Fall 2021: FILM 134B, American Film 1960-Present
Teaching Winter 2022: FILM 171S, Special Topics in Film and Digital Media Production
Teaching Spring 2022: FILM 132A, International Cinema: 1930-1960