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Special Topics in Film and Digital Media Production: DIY, Craft & Experimental Video Practice

FILM 171S-01
Academic Year: 
Commun Bldg 113 (Studio D)

How can analog technologies and handmade techniques interrupt our experiences and expectations of the digital? How can tactical imperfection in production become a creative strategy to make arguments about digital culture? As an increasing amount of consumer software allows any of us to produce impressive, slick, “professional” looking work, this class asks the question – what can still be gained by refusing technical “perfection,” and why are perfect, “professional” images the ideal?


Taking a DIY approach to experimental video-making, this class will ask you to re-think your digital video work as a form of “crafting,” putting the virtual world of digital media in conversation with a world of material objects and handmade traditions. This class will be experimental and art-centered and students will be asked to make most work using their phones and other to-hand materials rather than professional cameras and equipment.


Through a series of making-based and reflective writing prompts, students will think through the meaning of concepts like “craft” “quality” “handmade” “DIY” “professional” “amateur” “sloppy” to develop their own visual projects that reflect the implications of using DIY and crafting techniques in tandem with the medium of video. Therefore this class will encourage students to think and work across and between digital and analog media as a strategy of critical cultural production.