SocDoc MFA Featured Thesis Projects

Class of 2013

Brenda Avila-Hanna: "Vida Diferida" (video)

Dana Forsberg: "Growing People" (video)

Cameron Granadino: "Comrade Sunshine" (video)

Kati Greaney: "Guajiros" (video)

Claire Weissbluth: "Lonche" (video)


Class of 2012

Rian Dundon: "Changsha" (photography)

Melinda James: "16 Seeds" (video)

Melissa Koch: "The Infamous T" (video)

Joanna Sokolowski: "Still Time" (video)


Class of 2011

Bridgette Auger: “ElShellel” (photography/mixed media)

Meredith Heil: “Whistlin’ Dixie” (video)


Class of 2010

Carolina Fuentes: “Our Right to Sing” (video)

Christian Suarez: “Intention and Reality” (photography)

Mara Waldhorn: “Bienvenido” (video)


Class of 2009

Kimberly Bautista: “Justice for My Sister" (video)

Christopher Newman: “Finding D-QU” (video)

Jason Wallach: “Until the Last Drop: Tales from the Battle for El Salvador's Agua-apocalypse” (video)


Class of 2008

Regan Brashear: “FIXED: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement” (video)

Karin Mak: “Red Dust” (video)

Tadashi Nakamura: “A Song For Ourselves” Premiere Trailer (video)

Eric Tandoc: "Sounds of a New Hope" (video)

Shelia Turner: “Neither Lost nor Found” (photography), Shelia’s Portfolio

Sarah Yahm: "Thiness and Salvation" & "The Health Obsession?" (audio)


Class of 2007

Juan Mejia Botero: "Uprooted" (video)