Winter 2018

Course Days Times Location
DANM 220 Introduction to Programming for the Arts
Warren Sack
FILM 020C Introduction to Digital Media
Warren Sack
FILM 080S Special Topics in Film and Digital Media: Made to Persuade: 20th-Century Advertising, Educational, Industrial and Government Film
Rick Prelinger
FILM 080V Video Games as Visual Culture
Soraya Murray
FILM 120 Introduction to Film Theory and Criticism
Yiman Wang
FILM 130 Silent Cinema
Jennifer Horne
FILM 168 National Cinema and Culture
FILM 170B-01 Fundamentals of Film and Video Production
Gustavo Vazquez
FILM 170B-02 Fundamentals of Film and Video Production
FILM 172 Narrative Video Workshop
Cam Archer
FILM 175 Documentary Video Workshop
Irene Gustafson
FILM 178A Personal Computers in Film and Video
Susana Ruiz
FILM 179B Documentary Animation Workshop
John Jota Leaños
FILM 185S Advanced Topics in Film Studies: Topic TBA
FILM 185X EyeCandy Seminar
FILM 194C New Media Theory Seminar: Software and Difference
FILM 196A Senior Project in Narrative Production
Lawrence Andrews
FILM 196B Senior Project in Screenwriting
Natasha V.
FILM 200B Theory and Praxis of Film and Digital Media 1
Jonathan Kahana
FILM 204 Grant Writing
FILM 230 Expanded Documentary
Sharon Daniel
FILM 2XX Topics in Media Theory: "Media Citizenship: Bureaucracy, Power, and Difference"
Jennifer Horne
SOCD 202 Multiple Platform Social Documentary Production
John Jota Leaños
SOCD 203 Documentary Research Methods and Social Science Representation
SOCD 294B Production/Analysis/Editing
B. Ruby Rich