Ian Alan Paul

Graduate Student, PhD Program
Feminist and Queer Critiques/Potentials of Human Rights Discourses
Ian Alan Paul is a transdisciplinary artist-theorist living between San Francisco, Barcelona, and Cairo who is most known for his projects and writing that engage with contemporary debates concerning politics, aesthetics, technology, and ethics. His work has been featured in The Atlantic, Al Jazeera, Le Monde, Art Threat, Mada Masr, Jadaliyya, Art Info, and C Magazine, and has been exhibited and screened in galleries around the world. He received his MFA and MA at the San Francisco Art Institute in 2011 and is a PhD candidate in UC Santa Cruz’s Film and Digital Media program.
Education and Training: 
MFA and MA at the San Francisco Art Institute in 2011.
Research Interests: 

Ian's current research interests include transversal and interstitial approaches to aesthetics and politics, continental philosophy, critical theory, feminist/queer theory, media studies, and documentary. His dissertation project is a database documentary on post-coup Cairo as a precarious site of aesthetic, ethical and political production. His past projects have engaged with topics such as the Guantanamo Bay Prison, Drone Warfare, Border Security, NAFTA, and the Zapatista communities of southern Mexico.