Pardis Mehdizadegan

Graduate Student, PhD Program
Pardis Mehdizadegan was born in Iran, but has lived in Sweden, in exile from her native Iran for most of her life. This experience of being displaced dominates Pardis creative work: each of her pieces offers a glimpse into the complex social, religious and political realities that shape identity and form artistic expression. She has worked as an Journalist in Swedish newspapers, Public Radio and at the Swedish Television’s Art and Cultural channel, exploring themes in history, arts and politics. In her current work she wants to address the relationship between creativity and cinematic expression in Iranian diasporic filmmaking in the lives and work of Iranian artist inside and outside of the country. She is interested in conditions of internal and external exile and the effects of censorship and regulation of arts.
Education and Training: 
MA Journalism, Media Studies, University of Gothenburgh
MFA Documentary, New York Film academy
Research Interests: 

experimental documentary, Iranian cinema, theories of exile and displacement, exilic and diaspora cinema, dissidence and creativity, ethical and social responsibilities of art.