Isabelle Carbonell

Graduate Student, PhD Program
Documentary film, experimental ethnographic film, visual anthropology, environmental justice, surveillance studies, the ethics of big data, multispecies ethnography, invasive species, disasters and resilience, Brazil, participatory filmmaking, the anthropocene, and jellyfish.
Education and Training: 
M.A. Film & Digital Media, University of California, Santa Cruz
B.A. Environmental Science, the University of Michigan
B.A. RC Social Science, the University of Michigan
Research Interests: 

Isabelle Carbonell is a Belgian-Uruguayan-American award-winning documentary filmmaker, with a background in environmental science and social science. Carbonell's documentary work has taken her to Brazil, India, Qatar, UAE, Cuba, Mexico, Vietnam, the Dominican Republic, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Oman, Nicaragua, and beyond. Having published an article in the Germany-based journal Policy Review on the ethics of big data in big agriculture earlier this year, she has just come out with another article, this one a co-authored film-and-text hybrid piece called “The Golden Snail Opera” in the Cultural Anthropology journal. Currently, she is working on an interactive web-based documentary exploring the question “What is suffering in a post-disaster landscape?” from her fieldwork in Minas Gerais, Brazil, on the Rio Doce iron-ore tailings dam disaster. She’s also working, with a multispecies ethnographic approach, on the world of jellyfish, jellyfish-fishing, and jellyfish processing facilities, from her fieldwork on the coast of Georgia.

Selected Publications: 

The Ethics of Big Data in Big Agriculture

Golden Snail Opera: the More-Than-Human-Performance of Friendly Farming on Taiwan's Lanyang Plain