Daniel Rudin

Graduate Student, PhD Program
Labor, documentary video, social media, convergence culture, spatial montage
Education and Training: 
MFA Studio Art, Transmedia, University of Texas at Austin
BFA Industrial Design, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Research Interests: 

Daniel Rudin uses digital documentary as a means of mediating between the spheres of work and politics. His research explores the role documentary has played in this regard and how the genre might lend itself to this task in the context of convergence culture. In 2012 Daniel worked as a Luce Scholar with Rappler, a Filipino social news network. After noting a scarcity of journalism on Labor, he began a multimedia project that will facilitate documentation of labor violations and affiliation of Filipino workers with existing Labor groups. Daniel continues to work with U.S. and Manila-based organizations to promote public awareness of human rights violations in the workplace and international solidarity.