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Ph.D. Faculty | Film+Digital Media / Social Documentary at UC Santa Cruz

Ph.D. Faculty

Film + Digital Media Department Faculty

Affiliated Faculty
Neda Atanasoski, Assistant Professor of Feminist Studies
Education: Ph.D., University of California, San Diego
Research Interests: U.S. and Eastern European film and media; cultural studies and critical theory; war and nationalism; gender, ethnicity, and religion
Julianne Burton-Carvajal, Professor of Literature
Education: Ph.D., Yale University
Research Interests: Twentieth-century Latin(o) American visual media, particularly film; melodrama as a transnational form; gender and authorship; history, cultures, and representations of California, particularly the Central Coast.
Teresa de Lauretis, Professor Emerita of History of Consciousness
Education: Laurea, Bocconi University, Italy
Interests: Semiotics, psychoanalysis, feminism, film theory, literary theory, queer theory.
Rosa Linda Fregoso, Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies
Education: Ph.D., University of California, San Diego
Research Interests: Cultural studies, transnational feminist theories, Chiana/o and Latina/o cinema
Herman S. Gray, Professor of Sociology
Education: Ph.D., University of California, Santa Cruz
Research Interests: Cultural studies, media and television studies, black cultural politics
Donna Haraway, Professor of History of Consciousness
Education: Ph.D., Yale University
Research Interests: Feminist theory, cultural and historical studies of science and technology, relation of life and human sciences, human-animal relations, and animal studies
David Marriott, Professor of History of Consciousness
Education: Ph.D., University of Sussex
Research Interests: Literary theory, psychoanalysis, black cultural theory and philosophies of race, literary and visual cultures of modernism

The faculty forms a diverse cohort in terms of research outputs and creative practice. The department's scholars exhibit several clusters of strength: film history, particularly in silent cinema, in media cultures, in national and transnational media, and in digital media studies. The production faculty includes high-profile artists across a variety of media who typically work outside of or at the margins of standard industrial practice, cultivating instead a socially engaged and dynamic aesthetic vision. A subset of the faculty defies easy categorization as either ‘scholar’ or ‘artist,’ instead staging a hybrid form of practice that challenges the very rigidity of those categories. These particular faculty members have also been successful in securing external funding for their research and creative practice, a reality that distinguishes the growth potential of F&DM from many other arts programs, at UC Santa Cruz and elsewhere. The future of sustainable research in the arts and humanities is precisely in these hybrid practices, practices that engage and analyze the broad shifts around media production and consumption already underway in culture at large. [Excerpt from the 2009 external review of the department.]