Film and Digital Media Summer Session Courses 2020

January 14, 2020 - August 28, 2020

Information about Film and Digital Media summer session courses are now available online! 

These courses are open to all current, prospective and incoming Film and Digial Media students (including incoming junior transfers), and will count towards major requirements.  

Session 1 (June 22-July 24)

  • FILM 134B: American Film, 1960-Present
  • FILM 136B: History of Television
  • FILM 150: Screenwriting
  • FILM 189: Advanced Topics in Digital and Electronic Media Studies

Session 2 (July 27-August 28)

  • FILM 20A: Introduction to Film Studies (course will be offered online)
  • FILM 20P: Introduction to Production Technique (course will be offered online)
  • FILM 80V: Video Games as Visual Culture (course will be offered online)
  • FILM 136A: Experimental Film and Video
  • FILM 136C: Visual Culture and Technology: History of New Media
  • FILM 170A: Fundamentals of Digital Media Production (course will be offered online)

Special Session: Moroccan Cinema, Culture and Arabic Language (June 20 - July 25)

  • FILM 168M: Moroccan Cinema and Culture
  • You must apply through the Study Abroad program

PLEASE NOTE: The faculty-led summer abroad program to Morocco has been suspended due to COVID-19 precautions.  

Please visit the UCSC Summer Session website for a full list of courses, and instructions on how to register and enroll.