Mairav Zonszein

Lecturer, Film and Digital Media
Research Interests: 

Mairav Zonszein is an Israeli-American journalist who writes about Israel and its role in U.S. politics, antisemitism, civil rights and women's rights. She's written for The Washington Post, The New York Times, Vice, The Intercept, Foreign Policy and The New York Review of Books, among others. She is one of the founding editors and a contributor to +972 Magazine, a blog-based magazine of news and commentary on Israel and Palestine, founded in 2010. She has reported for The Guardian from Israel and the West Bank, and served as a desk editor with Israel's liberal daily

Mairav earned a BA in English Literature and Middle East History from Tel Aviv University, an MA in Jewish Studies from Hebrew University and another MA on Fellowship in Nationalism Studies from The Central European University in Budapest, Hungary, where she wrote her thesis on the changing meaning of being "pro-Israel' in American Jewish life.

Born and raised in New York City, Mairav moved to Israel when she was 18, and had been living there until moving to Santa Cruz in 2017 with her partner Assaf, a musician, and their son Lev.

Teaching Interests: 

Teaching Fall Quarter 2019: FILM 189, Advanced Topics in Digital & Electronic Media Studies: The Politics of Media: Journalizm and Activism in the Digital Age