Affiliated Faculty

Neda Atanasoski
Associate Professor of Feminist Studies
Race and technology; cultural studies; critical race and ethnic studies; postsocialism; human rights and humanitarianism; war and nationalism; religion and secularism

Julianne Burton-Carvajal   
Professor Emerita of Literature
Twentieth-century Latin(o) American visual media, particularly film; melodrama as a transnational form; gender and authorship; history, cultures, and representations of California, particularly the Central Coast.

Teresa de Lauretis    
Distinguished Professor Emerita of History of Consciousness
Semiotics, psychoanalysis, feminism, film theory, literary theory, queer theory.

Rosa Linda Fregoso  
Research Professor/Professor Emerita of Latin American and Latino Studies
Cultural studies, transnational feminist theories, Chiana/o and Latina/o cinema.

Herman S. Gray
Professor of Sociology
Cultural studies, media and television studies, black cultural politics.

Donna Haraway
Distinguished Professor Emerita of History of Consciousness
Feminist theory, cultural and historical studies of science and technology, relation of life and human sciences, human-animal relations, and animal studies.

Dee Hibbert-Jones
Professor of Art
Public art, sculpture, documentary film, animation

David Marriott
Professor of History of Consciousness
Poetics, black cultural theory and philosophies of race, psychoalaysis, Fanon, Afro-pessimism

Megan Moodie
Associate Professor - Anthropology, also affiliated Feminist Studies
Feminist theory, reproductive politics, development, legal identities, affirmative action, ethnographic methods, narrative, literature, utopias and other postsocialist/postcolonial imaginaries, connected histories and the longue durée, South Asia, Eastern Europe