Special Topics in Animation: Stop-Motion, Mixed-Media and Experimental Animation

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Susana Ruiz
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ANIMATION is the first form of moving images. From prehistoric paintings drawn in sequence depicting movement to today's computer-generated special effects, interfaces and video games, animation's role in the trajectory of the visual and cinematic arts is undeniable. Special Topics in Animation is a production course that provides opportunities to learn technical and creative skills in animation and design. The course also incorporates opportunities to engage with practice-based and/or historical and analytical texts.

In Stop-Motion, Mixed-Media and Experimental Animation, students learn techniques and processes that are general to visual storytelling with a focus on stop-motion and mixed-media.

Imaginative and clever use and manipulation of physical objects in combination with digital tools and techniques will be explored and encouraged. The class provides a studio environment where students are expected to attend class fully prepared to work on assignments, experiment, iterate and problem-solve. Based on a range of group assignments, students will be encouraged to pursue their personal artistic vision within the context of collaboration ethics and teamwork, similar to that of a professional studio.