Special Topics Seminar: Ecomedia: Theory and Practice

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FILM 194S-01
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This is a hybrid theory and practice course focused on the growing discourse and production of ecomedia within the film and video arts context that is increasingly interdisciplinary and created across multiple media platforms. This advanced-level course will explore the legacies of film and video to document, construct and present themes that address directly (and indirectly) the ecological issues of their times, as well as the development of ecocinema as concept and theory. The past ten years have seen a steady growth of independent and commercial digital cinemas and videos responding to ecological crises like food systems and climate change. Through critical readings of scholarly essays and viewing of diverse media arts practices, this course considers the role that artists and activists play in confronting the biopolitics of climate change, habitat and species loss, and global warming in the age of neoliberal globalization. What discursive, aesthetic and technical strategies and interventions do these works engage in to raise awareness and inspire action on the issues they address? The course includes various artistic practices such as photography, installations, interactive documentaries, online videos, and films and videos ranging from avant-garde to mainstream productions. Students will also produce creative media sketches and a final project as they critically consider their works and their place in the overall literal and figurative media ecology of today and the future.